At Poudrafshan Company, our engineers and spraying specialists have decades of experience in servicing businesses in the metal production and processing industry. The specialized coatings applied by us on metals can easily facilitate resistance to corrosion and wear. Our thermal spray services are instrumental in improving the quality of the end products by building wear and corrosion resistance in metals that are exposed to oxygen, moisture and high temperature.



Some examples of parts on which thermally sprayed coatings are applied in steel industry include:

  • Continues Casting Mold Plates
  • Bridle Roll
  • Pinch Roll
  • Furnace Roll
  • Sink Roll
  • Hearth Rolls
  • Pick up Rolls
  • Sit Bearing of Rolls
  • Choke Bearing Rolls
  • Stabilizer Rolls
  • Tower Rolls
  • Top Rolls
  • Leveler Rolls
  • Lopper Rolls
  • Stave Cooling of Blast Furnace Shells
  • Mandrel Shaft
  • Pinion Shaft
  • Monoblock Stand Block
  • Pillow Blocks
  • Arm Blocks,
  • Screw Conveyors
  • Crane Wheel
  • Coiling Mandrel
  • Shovels
  • Hot Mills
  • Derrick Wheel
  • Table Rolls