Oil,Gas,Refinery and Petrochemical

The petrochemical and refinery industries employ a very complex set of equipment that are not only very expensive, but also exhibit quick wear and corrosive tendencies. Our innovative and unique coating services for the petrochemical, oil and gas industry revolve around the coating processes through which we carry out the thermal spray coatings for different applications. By using thermal sprayed coatings specific beneficial properties can be added to the surface. This result in improved reliability, long life, and reduced down time.

The most commonly used types of coatings for the petrochemical industry are carbide coatings. The composition of carbide coatings come in the form of ceramics and metals (commonly referred as cermets). The wear resistance and hardness provided by cermets is comparable to that of sintered carbide components like carbide metal tools. An especially effective coating that is particularly instrumental in wear resistance is tungsten carbide.

The careful selection of coating materials is integral to the valve design process itself. Poudrafshan Company offers a wide selection of hard coating solutions for the valve industry. We use ceramic and cermet materials such as chromium oxide for hard-coating valves that are used in the chemical processing sector and tungsten carbide and similar materials for oil and gas industries.

Also, our metal-to-metal coating solutions are particularly applicable for ball and gate valves that are used in the petrochemical industry. Specialized HVOF coatings can help in keeping the valves tight during fluid handling. This prevents valves from erratic jamming (which is usually caused by solids and scaling). Friction fluctuation can also be brought under control. On the other hand, lower torque results in more minuscule actuators, thereby saving dimensions and costs.


Some examples of parts on which thermally sprayed coatings are applied in oil and gas industry include:

  • Gate Valves
  • Ball Valves
  • Needle Valves
  • Pump Impellers and Casings
  • Pipes
  • Bush Sleeve
  • Bearing and Bush Bearing
  • Extruder
  • Pump Housings
  • Mud Pump Components
  • Hydraulic Plungers
  • Inner Pump Shafts
  • Compressor Piston Rods
  • Compressor Cylinders
  • Offshore Oil Rigs
  • O-ring Seal Seats
  • Lip Seal Seats
  • Mechanical Seal
  • Rotors