Automotive and railway

Automobile manufacturing is an increasing market for thermal spraying and the number of coating applications grows steadily.
Poudrafshan Company has many years of hands-on experience in improving vehicle performance and increasing the service lifespan of automotive components through a set of processes collectively referred as thermal spraying.
One of the most important applications in this sector is the development of coatings inside the cylinders of motor blocks. The specifications with regard to the coating deposited onto cylinder walls result from the balance in the tribological system, which includes the cylinder wall, piston ring and lubrication in an internal combustion engine.
A railway axle is a highly dynamically stressed part of railway vehicles. Very strict demands are impose on this component. One of parts of axles is a wheel-set where the wheels are cold pressing for ensuring the permanent joint.
Fishplates, used to join two rails together in a rail track, have specific coatings requirements. Due to their integral importance in ensuring the structural strength of the track in its entirety, and the constant friction they receive from trains, they need coatings that ensure strength and increase longevity, protecting against wear whilst offering good electrical conductivity.

Some examples of parts on which thermally sprayed coatings are applied in automobile and railway industries include:

  • Railway Axles
  • Fishplates
  • Brake Discs
  • Piston Rings
  • Railway Bridges
  • Synchron Ring
  • Cylinders of Motor Blocks
  • Cylinder Bores
  • Piston Head
  • Oxygen Detector
  • Nozzle of Injection